Your membership in the MBHA helps us promote and facilitate mixed barbershop groups throughout North America, and allows us to represent and legitimize the tradition of gender-mixed groups singing barbershop. Now that there is a recognized world championship of mixed quartets in the bi-annual World Mixed contest, hosted by BinG, there is a real need for a North American entity to foster a community in which these groups can learn, improve, and thrive in a way that has been difficult within the confines of the single-gender traditions of the BHS, SAI, or HI organizations. In short, the MBHA is here for you, and we would love to have your support as we build this invaluable resource for the future!

For 2017, our main task is to build our membership and learn who is singing in mixed barbershop groups, and to collect their stories and learn more about their particular needs as we ramp up formal channels for competition and other programs. In support of these goals, we aim to keep the price of membership down, you can sign up below for only $20 USD.

Individual Membership

Sign up using our online registration form!

If you prefer to apply on paper, you could print this form and mail it in with a check for $20 USD.

Ensemble Registration

Ensembles are also encouraged to register, and for a registration fee of $20 USD for quartets and $40 USD for choruses, we will include you in the list of reserved names, and you will be eligible to participate in any of the MBHA-affiliated contests. Online ensemble registration is coming soon, once we’ve resolved a couple technical issues, please check back soon!


For all other payments, you may easily send funds via Paypal by following this secure link:

Thank you for your support!